Charryse Johnson LPC, RYT
Charryse Johnson LPC, RYT 

Be Intentional

Body. Mind. Spirit.

Health and wholeness can't be compartmentalized. You are not just your physical body, your mind, or your emotions. Collectively these layers work in rhythm and are designed to align your life and your purpose. Regardless of your past choices or present situation, you have the opportunity to BE WELL. 


A foundational component to well-being is finding hope in the midst of uncertainty. Hope is one of our greatest "super powers". It is the ability to look beyond the immediate and believe that better is possible. It is understanding you were created to have complete health and wholeness. Most of all hope pushes you forward when life's circumstances try to pull you back. 


Stop asking for permission. Permission to be yourself, to dream, to make changes, to walk away. Release yourself from submitting to the ordinary. You see, we often ask others for the direction beause we want them to take ownership if something goes wrong. Life is ultimately your responsibility and I believe in your ability to create the change you desire. Question is, what are you ready to reclaim TODAY?