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Charryse Johnson LPC, RYT
Charryse Johnson LPC, RYT 


I was reminded that my priorities need to be in order and to try my best to make my house one where my husband can’t wait to come home, to be real with my kids and transparent in the ministry, and not to expect perfect behavior or feel like a complete failure when my kids misbehave in front of others. There is something to be said about a mature woman in the faith, that has been walking with the Lord for some and has wisdom to share. From my little corner of the world, there is a serious lack of it seems.  A lack of women willing to pour into other women’s lives, it takes time, and effort. Life is crazy! I am thankful for Charryse’s heart and vision to bring this seemingly dead concept to life.


     Michelle E., Pastor’s Wife and Stay at Home Mom, Newland, North Carolina



Charryse Johnson has been a mentor and motivational tool in my life.  I have gone from being a professional educator, to realizing my passion to lead others as part of the strong leadership she provided. Not only does a relationship with Charryse provide a great platform for encouragement, she also inspires others with her passion for excellence.  She has a unique way of equipping you with the tools to be proficient in your craft. The relationship I developed with Charryse has been a significant component of my spiritual and professional development.  She has been used to impact others around the world and has impacted the lives of everyone in which she comes in contact.   


     Amie C., Educator , Charlotte, North Carolina



Charryse has always been able to turn her experiences, trials, and tribulations into opportunities to help others. She is one-of-a-kind and always ahead of the curve. Even more importantly, she will work tirelessly to help “get it done”.  I would highly recommend her as a speaker, counselor, or project coordinator.


    Joshua M., Benham, Kentucky



I consider Charryse a “rare jewel”, a unique and passionate individual that you will not meet every day.  She encourages others through her example of living life with grace, fervor, and determination.


      Amy P., Keller Williams Realty, Rochester, New York

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